University of College London PR Campaign Plan Paper


Assessment 1: PR PlanYour task is to prepare a public relations campaign centred around an event that will help an organisation achieve its goals (e.g. enhance reputation, raise awareness and change attitudes about an issue etc.). Please note that funds are restricted so there will be no advertising and you will need to ensure that you budget effectively. Your plan should include a news release and refer to any other written material for both online and offline use.YOUR TASK: Prepare a PR plan for the campaign using SOSTAC as your planning frameworkStudent number: xx
Module: Strategies and Management in PR
Assessment title: PR Plan
Submission date: 09/03/2022
Word count: 1538
I declare that this assignment is my own work and that I have correctly
acknowledged the work of others. This assignment is in accordance with
University and School guidance on good academic conduct (and how to
avoid plagiarism and other assessment irregularities). University
guidance is available at
The City Baths, Newcastle is a historical leisure venue managed by Fusion Lifestyle.
It provides various modern, advanced facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness
suite and a spa with treatment rooms. Its Turkish bath is one of the few still in
operating in England. After eight years of closure and a multi-million pound revamp,
the City Baths reopened. As no ceremonies were held at the early opening, the City
Baths plans to draw attention to itself with a grand opening.The event will build
bridges between the city baths and the public through media visits, ribbon cutting,
VIP receptions and experience activities among visitors,making the city baths a
historical icon. In this campaign, City Baths will convey the concept of a healthy
lifestyle from the post-pandemic era and encourage people to live with a strong and
positive attitude.
Situation Analysis

History of The City Baths, Newcastle
The number of followers:

Turkish Baths Statement

1. Changing public’s attitude of City Baths from ignorance to knowledge by 12th
2. Before 26th May (a week before event day), 52 stakeholders are planning to
invite as following:

10 government personnel

10 representatives of local community

10 contributors of revamp

3 pressure group representatives

4 social media influencers (Pixie Tenenbaum, Ben
Edwards ,Stephanie Fox, dizzymissjames13)

2 celebrities (Chris Cook14,Charlie Hardwick15)

10 Media Workers

3 Managers of Fusion Lifestyle
3. To attract 100 new visitors and raise £600 by tickets sales until DDAY,
including 25% students. 16
4. Invite 15 participants who using hashtag # LifestyleinCityBath on social media
5. Aim to increase 20% new members by 12th June.
6. Aim to have 13 coverage in earned media:

5 local/region newspaper articles (including The Courier, The
Chronicle, The Metro,The Northern Echo, Sunday Sun)

2 local/region magazine articles (Newcastle Magazine, North
East Times)

2 local/region TV news coverage (BBC Look North, ITV Tyne
and Tees)

1 radio interview (Metro Radio)

3 news coverage on national media (Guardian/Independent/The
Considering the online promotional PR campaign is focused on instagram, the influencers are all local
Instagram influencers.
Christ Cook is a former Olympic swimmer who trained at City Baths
Charlie Hardwick, an actress, has joined supporters of the redevelopment of Newcastle City Pool and Turkish
Because of a large proportion of students in Newcastle:,show%20you%20a%20good%20time.
7. Aim to increase social media and influencer engagement by 12th June:17

8 posts(including stories) by SMIs

200 posts in #LifestyleinCityBaths
8. To increase the followers of the Instagram to 1500 18
9. To increase traffic of website from 2997 to 3500 by 12th June.19
10. 500 live streaming viewer on event.
Increase from March
Increase from March:
City Baths website traffic is so far behind its competitors Better and PureGym,thus we set its objectives on
comparing its previous i.e. from March
Keep Satisfied
Key Publics
9) 8)
Minimal Effort
Keep Informed
6) Local/region
12)The clients before the
newspaper(The Courier,
The Chronicle, The
13)Fitness enthusiasts
Metro,The Northern Echo,
Sunday Sun)
Local/regional Magazine
16)Beauty lovers
(Newcastle Magazine,
North East Times)
18)Local/Region Community 8) Local/regional TV and
radio (BBC Look North,
19)Existing VIP
ITV Tyne and Tees, Metro
9) National
20)Manager from Fusion
ent/The Stage )
21)Staff from Fusion Lifestyle
10)Local influencers(Pixie
22)City Baths staff
Tenenbaum, Ben
23)City Baths maintainer
Edwards ,Stephanie Fox,
24)City Baths teaching
Cook,Charlie Hardwick)
Government/ regulators
1) Newcastle city
Pressure Group:
2) The Society for the
Preservation of
Other Stakeholders:
3) Previous employees
4) Potential employees
5) Potential
Event Day: :Thursday 2 June 2022 (Bank Holiday)
Social Media:

Publish information about this event on social media channels (Facebook,
twitter, Instagram) and website, while counting down information about the
event and membership recruitment.

Conduct Instagram marketing, post #lifestyleinCityBaths.

Invite influencers/celebrities – Pixie Tenenbaum, Ben Edwards ,Stephanie Fox,
dizzymissjames,Charlie Hardwick, Chris Cook).

Regular Q&A sessions on Instagram .

Inform local journalists, national reporters, TV and radio journalists of the
launch date and invite them to the launch.

Send a promotional email to newsletter subscribers.

Develop local school publicity, particularly with the student unions of the two
local universities, to promote this as an historical leisure venue.

Organise a swimming competition for local universities.

Recruit lifestyle-related brand sponsors, e.g. sports drinks, champagne
brands, etc.
Key Theme:

Celebrating the grand of reveal, and conveying the idea that recover from the
pandemic to live a healthy life and live healthier to fight all.

Analyse the level of current attitude and awareness of public.

Create a virtual ticket link on TicketSource.

Post information about the event and links to tickets on social media channels
and Home page of the City Baths and Fusion Lifestyle website.

Create a hashtag #lifesyleinCityBath on Instagram,plan and schedule posts of
5 weeks using ‘Sprout Social’.

Send VIP reception tickets to 15 participants whose post with
#lifesyleinCityBaths have with the highest number of likes and comments
before 7 days of event.

Send countdown messages before the event, especially the living steaming
information on Instagram.

Create an Intranet and communicate with staff about availability on the day of
the event.

Invite key public and ensure attendance.

Invite influencers and celebrities(Pixie Tenenbaum, Ben Edwards ,Stephanie
Fox, dizzymissjames,Charlie Hardwick, Chris Cook) and ensure attendance.

Promotional collaboration with two university student unions, namely
Newcastle University and Northumbria University

Launch a swimming competition for local universities three months before the
event, send free VIP reception ticket to top three.

Establish ribbon cutting list (Newcastle Mayor Habib Rahman, Operations
director at Fusion Lifestyle Anthony Cawley, City Baths Manager Cait Read)
in the middle May.

Though send the news release to invite media attend.

Recruiting sponsors, and if unsuccessful, purchasing the required materials
two weeks in advance.

Finalise all attendance lists and rehearse.
Launch Event
Date: 2 June 2022 Thursday (Bank Holiday)
Location: :The City Baths, NE1 8SG
Description: After an eight-year closure, City Baths will be celebrating its grand
reveal. The event will begin with a ribbon cutting followed by a VIP reception.During
the reception guests will hear a congratulatory speech from the Mayor and a
presentation about lifestyle and City Baths from Anthony Cawley. Also an award
ceremony will be held. Afterwards there will be a champagne toast during the
reception. There will also be various food and drinks available. After that, there will
be a visit and experiential activities. The event will be streamed live on Instagram
with online Q&A session.The event will invite local influencers and actress Charlie
Hardwick, who has contributed to the redevelopment of City Baths. Tickets value £6.
DDay Timeline
Team debriefing: employees security
Event setup: Sign-in board, facilities of ribbon cutting,
photographic wall;photographer upon arrival
Start to register
Media registration
10:00am Launch reveal: begin to have living stream, ribbon cutting
10:10am VIP reception for stakeholders and VIP visitors,hosted by City
Bathroom Manager – Kate Reid
10:10am A congratulatory speech from the Mayor
10:13am An introduction from Anthony Cawley
10:18am Chris Cook awarded the top three medals in swimming
10:20am Champagne toast and group photo
11:00am Media interview
12:00pm Media visit and online visit for live streaming
HIIT experience for visitors (offline and live)
Beauty teaching (offline and live)
Experience luxury spa with simultaneous online Q & A session
City Baths’ manager Kate Reid final words and thanks to
Event clean up
Long-term Tactics

Consolidate photos, videos and press releases of the event in Dropbox.

Editor press releases, photos and videos of event to send to
national/local/regional media.

Invite local TV and video to interview.

Organising regular sports competitions like yoga, swimming, cycling,
etc. in the local community and universities.

Create events for key date or hotspots, eg.#BicycleDay

Update the website and social media platforms with photos, videos, etc.
and thank all participants for attending the event.

Encourage influencers and celebrities post.

Encourage participants to post on social media with the hashtag
#LifestyleinCityBaths and select the three with the highest number of
likes to award a one-month membership.

Updated weekly on the website blog.

Maintaining SM channels, publishing stories, posts etc.

Regular online Q & A events such as Instagram live about lifestyle and
City Baths.

Publish user satisfaction questionnaires on SM channels.

Regular newsletters to subscribers and local university students.

Conduct satisfaction surveys by publishing newsletters
Ribbon Cutting Event Package
Signature broad
Food and drink
Post- Event
No Paid Media, all in own media (SM channels & website) and earned media.
200 Leaflets:
The event is held in own venue so there is no rental fee.
If no sponsorship is available, the meal will be charged at 15 pounds per person, with a credit of 600 pounds
from ticket sales.
Eight security personnel working eight hours a day:
3 medals
Contingency: 10%
1. Calculate the actual number of people attending the event.
2. Calculate ticket revenue for DDAY events and analyse visitor numbers through
TicketSource reports.
3. Counting whether the number of members has increased.
4. Observe the behaviour of the public on the event.
5. Post-event survey via SM channels, website and newsletters, using Likert to
assess attitude among the public.
6. Analyse website traffic changes around events with Google Analyse.
7. Monitor in engagement with topics and Instagram followers before and after the
event with Sprout Social.
8. Monitor media coverage, count the number of coverage and looking at attitudes
towards the event and the organisation, the position of the coverage, branding
photos, etc.
9. Observe the number of social media and online reports, count the number of posts
and measure public attitudes, check comments for criticism and suggestions.
News Release
Centenary Newcastle City Baths reopen
On Saturday 2 June, Newcastle City Baths will host a grand event, reintroducing the
public to the revamped city baths after eight years of closure.
On this day the Mayor, Fusion Lifestyle and City Baths administrators will join
together to cut the ribbon for the reopening. A VIP reception and various experiential
activities will be held. The event will provide people with the opportunity to
experience the advanced and modern facilities ,promoting healthy lifestyles in the
post-epidemic era. On the day of the event, actress Charlie Hardwick, a key
contributor to the redevelopment, and north-east influencers will attend. Former
Olympic athlete Christ Cook, who trained at the CityBaths pool, will award the
winners of the earlier City Baths swimming competition. Tickets for the event are
available at City Baths’ social media channels and website.
“Since 1928, the Newcastle City Baths have provided a convenience and service
which has been popular among residents.”Anthony Cawley, Operations Director of
Fusion Lifestyle, said:“We are proud to be the contractor for the Newcastle City
Baths. With the £7.5 million restoration, the historic building now has a new look,
incorporating modern facilities that we hope will provide a better experience for the
public and lead to a healthy lifestyle.”
The revamped City Baths is a integrated leisure venue offering entertainment, fitness
and catering, featuring one of the only Turkish baths still operating in England.
To find out more about ‘The CityBaths Newcastle’ ‘Grand Reveal’ event please visit:
For more information contact:
Luesia Jennings PR Executive
Phone no.: +44 1912617207
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Your paper starts with a succinct introduction to the plan which demonstrates
[Accessed 8 Mar.
of the
client’s goals.
Situation Analysis:
Your Situation Analysis is clear and covers some of the important internal and
external factors that will help to determine campaign objectives and strategy.
Target Publics, Strategy and Objectives:
Most of the objectives meet the SMART criteria, however, some are not SMART.
They are not time-based and hence will be difficult to measure. It is commendable
that you have included objectives that measure changes in attitudes and
awareness. Please note that local influencers and SMIs are different and hence
you clearly need to differentiate these under your publics. You have clearly
mapped your target publics and considered a wide range of stakeholders and how
they should be given priority.
Tactics, Evaluation, Timeline and Budget:
A good range of short-term and long-term tactics are considered and these are
explained well. The Gantt is detailed and effective. For the D Day event at least
10mins speeches each from the Mayor and Anthony Cawley would suffice, the time
they’ve been allocated is too short. The budget is a bit high, try and cut down on
costs. The evaluation measures are clear and have been explained well. It is also
good that your evaluation considers both social media and media coverage and
sentiments of the target publics
Press release: Presentation, formatting and clarity of expression:
Your press release has an engaging and eye-catching headline with a strong news
angle. The press release is well written with the 5Ws in the first paragraph. The
attributable quote is incorrectly done and could have been divided into two parts.
The last part of the quote should have started another paragraph. The quote
however was a good one. Overall a well thought out plan.
ASSESSMENT 2 2022/23
PR Campaign Plan (including news release) – 1,500 words
Submission date: By 4pm on Tuesday, May 23, 2023
PR Campaign Plan (50%)
Assessment 1: PR Plan
Your task is to prepare a public relations campaign centred around an event that will
help an organisation achieve its goals (e.g. enhance reputation, raise awareness and
change attitudes about an issue etc.).
Please note that funds are restricted so there will be no advertising and you will need
to ensure that you budget effectively. Your plan should include a news release and
refer to any other written material for both online and offline use.
YOUR TASK: Prepare a PR plan for the campaign using SOSTAC as your
planning framework

You must include a news release – maximum word count 250 words,
including notes to editors.

You must use D-Day and a detailed GANNT chart to show your Actions
and Timings in this plan.

The plan should include a costed budget (including contingency) for the

Your TOTAL word count is 1500 (+ or – 5% i.e. your answer must be
between 1425 and 1575 words) and this must be stated clearly at the end
of your work.

You can use screenshots for PEST, SWOT and the GANNT chart. You
CANNOT use screenshots for the target publics or any other sections.

You may include appendices but those are not part of your word count.

Any work not your own (e.g. taken from websites etc.) should be in an
appendix and not part of your word count.

The clients in the brief are fictional, but are loosely based on existing
organisations, therefore, research carefully and do not make any
questionable assumptions in your answer (i.e. a big celebrity involvement,
without explaining how).

Please present your plan in business English using sub-headings to break
up the different sections and use 1.5 line spacing in Arial, 12 point type.

An academic bibliography is not required, although you need to use
footnotes to reference/source various facts.

This assignment comprises 50% of the final mark.

The deadline for this task is 4pm on Tuesday, May 23.

You must submit an electronic copy only to Canvas.
A discussion forum dedicated to PR plans will open on Canvas on Friday, April
28, and run until Friday, May 19, to answer any questions you may have.
Please check the discussion forum before contacting teaching staff and post
any questions you may have in the discussion thread.
The Briefs – You have a choice of ONE of the three briefs below:
Brief 1 – GRIN
Greyhound Rescue in Newcastle (GRIN) is an animal charity based 1 mile from
the city-centre, which rescues and shelters dogs and cats until a new owner
can be found.
It specialises in greyhounds and other racing breeds, which have been abandoned
after retirement. It currently has 85 animals in its care, including 30 greyhounds, and
30 cats and kittens. Traditionally, greyhounds are among the most difficult dogs to
rehome due to a false perception that they need lots of exercise.
In August 2023, GRIN will celebrate its 50th anniversary and the charity’s Board of
Trustees has asked your PR agency to plan a campaign which will:

Celebrate the milestone anniversary

Raise awareness of GRIN and influence attitudes towards adopting and rehoming greyhounds

Target existing and new stakeholders and influencers who may be
sympathetic to its cause, including potential sponsors

For this campaign, you have a budget of £5000
Brief 2 – Lab@NCL
Lab@NCL is a brand-new science-themed restaurant and cocktail bar for
Newcastle city centre, which aims to provide an exclusive, unforgettable
dining and night-time experience.
The restaurant allows diners to create and concoct their own menus, meals and
cocktails, using experimental ingredients and methods. Food will be prepared and
served in 8 private dining booths (seating up to 10 guests), each with their own
personal chef and cocktail maker.
The bar area has capacity for 100 people and includes a DJ-booth, AV equipment,
and small performance area. Your PR agency won a competitive tender for the
launch campaign and the Lab@NCL owners have asked you to:

Prepare a campaign to build excitement about the launch of Lab@NCL to
include the restaurant opening in autumn 2023 and to maintain buzz in the
weeks afterwards

To position Lab@NCL as one of the city’s premier night-time venues, offering
an entirely exclusive experience which will appeal to the city’s young

For this campaign, you have a budget of £20,000
3. City Hub
City Hub is an award-winning community art gallery and theatre, based on the
Newcastle Quayside. It is funded and managed by Newcastle City Council, and
in 2021 received significant Arts Council funding to build a £5million extension
which celebrates the contribution of the international community to the NorthEast’s cultural heritage.
The new wing is set to open to the public in April 2024 and will feature a gallery and
performance space, a small café which opens out onto a riverside patio and activity
area. City Hub has a number of high-profile patrons and supporters including the
city’s MP Chi Onwurah; celebrity chef Sir Paul Kwouk (who opened Newcastle’s first
Chinese restaurant in 1968); the fashion designer Bruce Oldfield; and the Newcastle
United footballer Bruno Guimaraes (a Brazilian international).
Newcastle City Council has asked your PR agency to plan a PR campaign for the
launch which will:

Celebrate and showcase the diversity of Newcastle’s international community
emphasising its contribution to the wellbeing of the city

Organise a high-profile launch event for the new centre, including deciding on
an iconic name for the facility

Engage with the wider Newcastle community, including schools, colleges, and
groups representing the many different nationalities living in the city

For this campaign, you have a budget of £10,000
Student number: xx
MCH80650, Strategies and Management in PR
Assignment 1, PR Plan
The City Baths
Word count: 1566
I hereby certify that this submission is wholly my own work, and that all quotations and
ideas from primary or secondary sources have been acknowledged. I have read the
section on Plagiarism in the Programme Handbook and completed the Head of
Learning & Teaching’s Introduction to Academic Integrity (on the Canvas site for my
degree programme), and I understand that plagiarism and other unacknowledged
debts will be penalised and may lead to failure in this assessment and in the degree.
Student number: xx
The City Baths, located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, with a rich history with beautiful
historic buildings first opening dating to 19281 has undergone a multi-million-pound
redevelopment after long eight years of closure and is planning to introduce the new
venues in spring 2022.
Even though the closure lasted for long eight years. The City Baths have a significant
advantage thanks to its historical value, connected to many people’s memories, which
could help to bring life to the new venue.
The new City Baths consists of a luxury spa, gym, pool, steam room, Turkish Baths,
and a cafe-bistro2.
Due to its historical value and good locations, there are efforts to re-establish the
reconstructed venue to become a culturally important country’s icon.


Student number: xx
Situation Analysis
Student number: xx
Student number: xx

Reach at least 100 online registrations (not compulsory) for the event – First
50 registrations to receive a 5-10% promo code for the services.
Media Coverage

Aim for five pieces of local earned media coverage, such as:
North East Living Magazine, North East Times Magazine, North, East
Tourist News, Living North, Chronicle Live, The Northern Echo, News

Two appearances on TV (North East TV, Tyne and Wear TV), one before and
after the event.

Two radio appearances (Heart North East, BBC Radio Newcastle).

1 National piece
Social Media

Increase engagement across all social media platforms by 20% before and
40% during the event.

At least 50x use of at least one of the hashtags
(#BatheinBathsagain, #TheCityBaths, #BathsGrandopening2022)

Increase the number of followers on social media by 5-10% before the event
10% after the event.
Influencers relations

At least two pieces by influencers and North East personas, before and after
the event (event invited): Laura Dawson3 (Lifestyle influencer), Pixie
Tenenbaum4 (Lifestyle blogger).

At least 2x positive content during and after the event by the doctor or health
and well-being specialist.

At least two pieces of coverage by family and tourist influencer, sports: David
Warburton5 (Fitness), Helena Blakemore6 (Travel, Parenting, Family lifestyle).

At least two positive coverage by Local Universities’ Students/Students
Student number: xx
Keep satisfied
Key Publics
Minimal Effort
Keep Informed
(Potential) Customers
1) Local community
2) Wider community (nationwide)
3) Tourists
4) Students
5) Seniors
6) Newcastle Sports teams
7) Newcastle schools
8) The City Baths employees
9) Volunteers
Other Stakeholders
10) Newcastle City Council
11) Charities
12) Partnership organisations
13) Event Speakers/ Presenters/Event staff
14) Suppliers
15) Local influencers
16) Journalists
17) National media
18) Local media
19) Online Media
20) Social media followers
Student number: xx

Announce the event date – Spring Bank Holiday 2022, 2nd June

Posts on all media platforms post of what is planned, upcoming digital content
Digital media content – Posting videos (before/after) the reconstruction,
historical value and looking back in the timeline (photos, videos)
Pre-recorded interviews: promo glimpse (full interviews to be uploaded)

Engagement on social media to engage the use of hashtags

Share the pre-event programme and hyperlink to register (announce the first 50
signings get promo code)

Promotion emails and posts to all partnership organisations

Launch of the virtual tour of the facilities

Event message post: Introducing the value of The City Baths, the historical and
cultural value with the modern equipment to become an important icon of the

Announce the contest requirements for The City Baths Pool Event for children’s
charity. Drawing the names of a charity (using app wheel of fortune – to be fair).
Student number: xx
Promote The City Baths to all stakeholders to show the historical-cultural value and
as a place of relaxing and entertainment for different types of people

Create an official post and event on the website, countdown on the website,
add links into the social media bios.’

Social media posts with the links to the event, registration hyperlinks,
consistent posts

Monitor online visits

Creation of backup plan (contacts for the services)

Site visits

Send emails to those who applied via hyperlink.

Competition as well (First 50 signed up to receive promo code)

Launch pre-bookings, memberships (used across organisations partnerships)

Post students, family and seniors’ information about promo codes and
memberships details

Partnerships listed

Regular meetings: employees, volunteers, event staff, owners

Hire and communicate with security officers, Catering team, Cameramen,
Photographers, Social Media Professionals (for live social media streaming),

Contact Journalists, radio and TV

Invite local Journalists

Invite the social media influencers and, personalities, speakers

News Release

Promo leaflets distribution across Newcastle (partners and brands included)

Post full pre-recorded interviews
o Past customers (Memories – Nostalgia)
o Professionals in health, wellbeing and sport to talk about positive
effects of using the specific facilities (Gym, Turkish Baths)
o Former employees’ expectations and opinions
o Owner motivational talk – the route toward the present state
Student number: xx
o Historian professional – The Baths Historical value and its perseverance

Speech writings
Student number: xx
Student number: xx
Student number: xx
Launch Event
Date: 2nd June 2022, Spring Bank Holiday
Location: The Baths Newcastle
Description: After eight years of closure and multi-million-pound reconstruction. The
Baths will host an official grand reopening from 2 pm to 9 pm, with a VIP reception,
ribbon cutting and official toast.
The guests will have the opportunity to see specific venues and banners with historical
backgrounds and before/after photos of reconstruction or get to taste the coffee in a
venue café.
During the event, the guest will see local influencers and field professionals who will
answer any interesting queries regarding their field of knowledge.
The official start of the ceremony with speeches and ribbon cutting will start at 4:00 pm,
and it will be broadcasted live across social media.
Team meeting, finalising place preparation
Event staff presence check
Catering preparation
Technical preparation (photographers, cameraman)
Media (journalists), influencers, social media staff, partnership
organisation representatives arrival
Media (journalists), influencers, social media staff, partnership
organisation representatives arrival check
Interview with key speakers, event staff, social media and influencers
pre-event posting on social media; Checks of speeches and its order
Last technical touches
Opening premises, first arrivals
Time for people to arrive and look around the open premises, visit café,
Official start of speeches
Special guest speech and ribbon cutting
Student number: xx
Toast and Q&A
Contests results – first 50 registration posted online to claim prize,
announcing the winner charity for the Pool event
Premises guided tours begins
End of the event
Summary of the event with the staff
Team voluntary drinks, food
Clean up
Long-term Tactics

Press release week after the event

Target the local media – Media coverage after event

The Baths on Social media regular posts

Continue virtual tours stays available

Host an event for children’s charity in The City Baths Pool

Launch post event survey for attendees, sent via email, share via social media

Provide online recording of the event

Upload interviews from the event online (website, YouTube, Instagram,

Video post (Highlights of the event) – links on social media

Checking social media engagement

Checking numbers of overall attendees on online platforms on the day of the
event and afterwards

Opening times, prices, bookings and memberships release

Sharing feedback and posts from the event
Student number: xx

Online group for employees, partners and sponsor with new update
Security officers 4x
Catering team (Champagne
Photographer (2x)
Social media professionals (for
live streaming, queries, posts,
reposts) 3x (Twitter, Instagram,
Event Leaflets for promotion
(including brochures with event
programme) 4000 pieces
Banners (with The Baths
Pictures progress + history) 16
Contingency 20%
Student number: xx
1. Create a shared google calendar for internal staff to be up to date with updates,
meetings, news
2. Create a checklist
3. AMEC13 framework usage
4. Monitor owned media engagement
5. Post-event survey
6. Number of hashtags used
7. Number of views and comments of the videos (interviews, official event video…)
8. Earned media monitoring
9. Checking of the bookings and memberships raise
Student number: xx
News Release
The City Baths Newcastle aims to re-establish its cultural value
The City Baths located in Newcastle underwent major multi-million-pound
After eight years of closure The City Baths is planning to hold an official opening event
on Bank Holiday, 2nd June 2022, to celebrate the renovation.
The Fusion Lifestyle15, a local charity behind the redevelopment and who saved The
City Baths after the closure, introduced numerous renovated premises such as Gym,
Turkish Baths, Spa or Café14.
Sara Johannsen, the employee of the Fusion Lifestyle who is behind its renovation,
says: “We want to show it to the public that the beautiful historical venue has many
premises for different types of customers.”
John Smith, a former City Baths customer, said: ” I remember going to The City Baths
pool as a wee bairn, now I am taking my family here to renew those memories.”
The City Baths during the working days open from 6:30 to 21:00 14, weekends 8:00 to
16:0014. However, the Grand Opening will grant its limited opening times from 14:00 to
21:00 with a guided programme and official opening speech and toast.
To find out more information about the grand reopening and The City Baths premise,
please visit: or any of the social media accounts:
For more information contact:
Phone n.: +44 XXXXXXXXXX

Student number: xx
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Your paper has a weak introduction which, while it gives the history of the baths, does not
mention the renovation or the opportunity for a re-opening event to support the organisation’s
strategic aims.
Situation Analysis:
A reasonable Situation Analysis which shows some consideration for the full spectrum of internal
and external factors which will shape the context of your plan recommendations across a PEST
and SWOT analysis. However, make sure you’re including details that are only relevant to this
situation and give context/explain the reasoning for entries on your PEST and SWOT to show
how they’ll shape the context of your plan. For example, in political you say ‘local government’ –
but what does this actually mean?
Target Publics, Strategy and Objectives:
A good set of SMART objectives with named media targets (although be careful as you haven’t
actually put a time-bound measurement on this objective). I do wonder why you’re trying to target
student ambassadors – is this the demographic for an affluent, luxurious spa? What in your
Student number: xx
Situation Analysis has suggested that students should be a key target public for you? To improve
this section, make sure your objectives are being informed by the findings of your Situation
Analysis and you must also include strategic include SMART objectives around awareness,
attitudes and behaviours.
A good target publics section with consideration given to a range of stakeholders and where you
would plot these publics in terms of their power and interest. Be sure to name all of your publics
i.e. which media and influencers? Which members from Newcastle City Council etc.?
A nice strategy section. To improve, use PESO as your framework to talk about your big creative
ideas, and be specific with the messaging for your PR plan too, using a framework such as DRIP.
I can see you’ve given some consideration to messaging here, but it’s not very exciting – a little
more creativity here would’ve been beneficial.
Tactics, Evaluation, Timeline and Budget:
Your short-term tactics are sound and have been successfully plotted on your D-Day Gantt
Charts. To improve this section, use 3Es and a Pub as your framework. Also, be careful with your
choice of words here – on your chart you say ‘hire an advertising and digital media professional’ –
what do you mean by this? Are you talking about someone to run The City Bath’s social media
accounts (in which case be careful with ‘advertising’ as this is a PR degree) or do you mean use
a sponsored influencer as ‘the face’ of the event, in which case this would be classed as ‘paid’
media under PESO as part of Influencer Marketing? A little more clarity would be good.
Your D-Day timeline is good. I can see you’ve made some attempt to consider the media’s arrival
but they’re waiting for almost an hour while other guests arrive before they can do their
interviews, and they’ll have been at the event for three hours before the speeches start. It’s likely
your media would not wait around for that length of time to get a sound bite, especially when
there’ll be other stories to cover as part of the day’s news agenda as well as deadlines for sameday broadcast.
Pleasing to see you use 3Es and a Pub for your long-term tactics with some nice ideas that would
work to achieve the organisation’s aims. You could’ve made more of competitions here in
Publications and Mixed Media to help maintain and build on the hype.
Be careful with your presentation here and follow the structure provided. It seems your post-event
D-Day Gantt chart is in the wrong order and appears before your actual D-Day plan.
Student number: xx
A good budget that has been well thought-out to include a contingency too.
A reasonable measurement and evaluation section where I can see you have some good ideas
but they need developing further to tell me more about the metrics you will use and what specifics
outputs, out takes and outcomes you’ll be looking for i.e. you can’t just say ‘AMEC framework
usage’ – be more specific please.
Press release:
A reasonable headline if not a little too long – although I’m not sure a journalist would understand
from this headline that the baths have re-opened. I can see you’re trying to go down the ‘cultural’
route, but the opportunity for the event is lost a little in the first instance.
What follows is a nice press release that follows all of the correct formatting conventions and the
inverted news triangle too. Spend a little time working on your lead – it’s a bit short and doesn’t
answer all of the W questions in the first 25 words. Otherwise, a very good attempt. Well done.

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