Miami Dade College New Technology Pitch Presentation


Group project:Each group is required to develop a business case for an information technology innovation of their choice. In this assignment, the main objective is to explain the applications and features of a NEW technology to a business investor or a company and defend it using some criteria. To start, your group should identify a new technology that you believe has significant potential in the market. It could be something already available but has yet to be widely adopted or a technology currently in development. Once you have chosen a technology, you must research it thoroughly to understand its features, capabilities, and potential applications.Next, your group should develop a business case that explains why your chosen technology is a worthwhile investment. This could include a cost-benefit analysis, a SWOT analysis, and an explanation of how the technology aligns with the company’s strategic goals or why it is a profitable investment for a potential investor. You may also want to discuss any potential risks and challenges associated with adopting the technology. To make your case even stronger, consider using some criteria to support your claims. This might include factors such as the technology’s potential market size, its competitive advantage over existing solutions, its potential to disrupt the industry, its scalability and ease of implementation, and its potential return on investment.The required criteria and items for the new technology presentation:Pick an audience for your presentation (it can be an investor or a company)Innovative features: why is it an innovation? What is new about it?Competitive analysis: why is it better than other alternatives?How to solve current issues using the new technologyWhy is it a reasonable investment? For instance, is managerial revenue more than costs? Do a Feasibility study (Cost and benefit analysis)Break-even point (estimated)Defensible in a management meeting (Provide some statistics, financial and nonfinancial evidence, and proof in order to defend the technology in front of the management team. For instance, providing quantitative data to show how the technology can reduce errors and improve productivity?)Consider the challenges and drivers.Adoption and implementation issuesImportant Note:Please read the project instructions that have been attachedUltimately, you must provide substantial evidence to convince the company or investor to use the new technology.The PowerPoints of the final project (Or Zoom recordings) should be submitted to Assignment Dropbox after the presentation. Each team needs to present and submit the PPT; no written report is needed. Length of Presentation: 20 to 30 min (length of zoom recording or length of total voice narrations on all slides).All members of a team should present.Where to get some information about new technology?As discussed in Chapter 2 (innovation management), one interesting website is the MIT technology review to discover the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies. You can also find new technologies from previous years (from 2017) because some are still NEW. You are not limited to these technologies; they are just some examples. Here is the link:MIT Technology Review – 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020 articleLinks to an external site. 2. Another source would be the world economic forumLinks to an external site.. You can read “FEATURED TOPICS” and “OTHER TOPICS” to get more information and insights (through articles and videos) about technologies that will impact world trade, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, 3D printing, Autonomous robotics, 5G wireless, Cybersecurity, the Metaverse, Blockchain, and other Emerging technologies. 3. Visit to an external site. to see some ideas for future technology and gadgets. Include the following sections in your presentation:Define the innovation and explain its new features (why it is new? What are the main functions?): 25 pointsTo begin, you should provide a clear and concise definition of your chosen innovation. Explain what it is, how it works, and what makes it new or innovative. Be sure to highlight the key features that make it stand out from existing solutions in the market. You may also include some visuals or demonstrations to help illustrate your points.Cost-benefit analysis (why it is profitable?): 25 pointsIn this section, you should explain why your chosen innovation is profitable. Start by outlining the costs associated with implementing the technology, such as development costs, hardware and software costs, and training and support costs. Then, explain how these costs are outweighed by the benefits that the technology provides, such as increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, or cost savings. Use data and statistics to back up your claims, and consider conducting a cost-benefit analysis to provide a clear picture of the potential return on investment.Pitch this idea to a company and provide some defensible evidence and proof to convince the managers (financial and non-financial): 25 points.In this section, you should focus on convincing the managers of a potential company to invest in your innovation. Start by identifying the company’s needs and pain points, and explain how your innovation can address those needs and provide solutions to those problems. Be sure to provide defensible evidence, such as case studies or customer testimonials, to support your claims. Additionally, consider using financial and non-financial metrics to demonstrate the potential benefits of the technology to the company.Highlight the requirements, infrastructure, as well as adoption and implementation barriers and drivers (if the company wants to invest in the innovation): 25 pointsFinally, addressing the practical considerations of adopting and implementing your innovation would be best. Explain what infrastructure and resources are required, such as hardware, software, and personnel. Identify any adoption and implementation barriers, such as resistance from employees or challenges with integrating the technology into existing systems. Then, outline the drivers that can help overcome those barriers, such as training and support programs or pilot testing programs. By highlighting these requirements and barriers, you can provide a clear picture of what it takes to successfully implement the technology and help the company make an informed decision about whether to invest in it.Note: You can use either voice-over presentations (narrations on PPT slides) or Zoom recordings. Please keep your presentation concise and engaging, focusing on the most essential asked criteria.Guidelines for recording and submitting your voice-over presentationPlease record your voiceover narration on PowerPoint (or use Zoom).Each team member should record his/her voice on slides assigned to him/her.Please identify a quiet location (with no background noise or interruptions) that is best suited for the recording.Speak clearly and enunciate.Then, one team member should integrate all the slides (with recorded narrations) and submit the voiceover PowerPoint (or the Zoom recording) on behalf of the group.Outline your presentation in advance to avoid missing key facts within the 20-30 minute presentation time limit.ReferencesMIT Technology Review. (2020, February 26). 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2020. to an external site.World Economic Forum. to an external site. Latest in Tech and Gadgets. to an external site.Group project instructions
Each group is required to develop a business case for an Information Technology innovation of
its choice. The required criteria and items for new technology presentation:

Feasibility (Cost and benefit analysis) study
Reasonable investment (capital requirements/ infrastructure cost/…)
Break-even analysis
Consider the challenges and drivers
Innovative features
Competition analysis (main competitors of the technology introduced by your team)
Defensible in a management meeting
Adoption and implementation issues
Why can the technology be useful? How can it address the possible risks in the market?
Your group needs to pick a technology innovation in any field. You can offer the proposed
innovation to an organization manager or an investor (I will play the manager/investor role).
The innovation can be either an idea or a new system developed recently. You need to completely
define the uniqueness of the innovation and the new features of the system you have picked.
Then, you need to analyze the systems by conducting a cost-benefit analysis. For instance, the
possible advantages, benefits, risks, and costs related to this new system (please refer to chapter
2)? You need to explain what is lacking in the organization (or market) and how the technology
can address the issues and fill the gap. Then, you need to defend the system and convince me
(the manager/investor) that the advantages outweigh the costs based on the facts and data you
have collected.
If you do not have the real data, you can forecast all the advantages and costs and show me when
the break-even point can be achieved? (chapter 2). Then, describe the implementation process
(if the company wants to adopt and use the proposed technology) and the factors affecting the
implementation process, such as training, maintenance, organization readiness for the new
The main logic behind the final presentation is to go through some innovative features of
innovation (product/service/ idea). Remember, it should not be too technical; a very technical
presentation will be boring for students too. Tell us what is new here in an interesting way to
grab the attention of managers/investors. Then, provide some explanations about the main pros
and cons, given that the idea will be developed and adopted. Then, perform a cost-benefit
analysis (if you do not have access to all costs or financial gains, you can simply predict them).
E.g., when do you get the break-even point? The possible financial improvements result from the
You need to consider that you are meeting with an investor or a company’s manager (assumed
that the company is operating in a market related to that innovation), and you need to convince
the manager/investor that this innovation is worth investment. Imagine you are presenting your
idea to some venture capitalists in a company; you need to be so confident and talk based on
facts to be able to sell your ideas. The ideas/products/services which you picked may be
implemented already, but it is OK; I want you to practice how to present some new technology
or applications to your managers in the future. The innovative technology might be very helpful
for your company, but there are many risks and concerns involved.
Finally, if you want to implement your innovative idea, what barriers and facilitators might you
face? How can the company remove the possible barriers to successfully implement the system?
One example
Smart house is a new technology. Define the uniqueness of this innovation. Do a cost-benefit
analysis; how much does it cost? The advantages and risks? Implementation issues? Bring some
convincing financial/non-financial facts and data. When can a company recoup its initial
investment, and when can it generate profit? You can pitch your idea and propose this system to
a construction company (or an investor) and defend it. That’s it!
Due: The last week.

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