MGT 317 American River College Management Paper

DescriptionArmaan Mann
Ivory Adcock, Barbershop Owner
The Chair Barbershop
900 Riverside Ave
Roseville, CA 95678
April 23, 2023
Subject: Recommendations Regarding The Chair Barbershop’s Use of Instagram
Dear Mr. Adcock:
As we discussed, I analyzed and evaluated The Chair Barbershop’s use of Instagram. This letter
describes my observations.
Through research and analysis, we have to come to the conclusion that updating your Instagram
page would be a great benefit to you and your business. There are multiple things that we think
you can implement to help grow your business. We are going to demonstrate our ideas and show
you how these can positively affect your business and you can try them out in the future. You
currently have 72 followers on Instagram and you have 15 posts. When posting to social media
the purpose for most people is to gain attention and recognition. For this predicament that is
exactly what we are looking for. We believe we can improve your follower amount even more, I
have four recommendations:
Recommendation #1: Post on Instagram stories. My main focus is on the Instagram stories
aspect of the report. I am going to show you why posting stories on Instagram is a good idea.
Instagram stories is something that is very experimental as they go away after 24 hours no matter
what. Instagram stories have a function where a client or potential client can like the story. I
believe posting more of your more experimental cuts on this would be a great idea. As seen
below a post with a story included gets more attention via likes. If clients like these cuts that
other barbers wouldn’t try, they would realize you are versatile. Versatility is something that
would make you stand out from the other barbers in the area. Everyone gets a simple fade
nowadays but when someone gets a different cut like a taper you can tell immediately that the
barber is very skilled. When posting stories on Instagram there is also another feature where
clients can respond if they would like to. The response would only be seen by you. Clients can
obviously respond and say good things but they can also provide constructive criticism that
Mr. Ivory Adcock
April 23, 2023
would be very helpful for you as well. 1 As seen below the posts with stories have the top 2 most
likes on your page. Stories add an extra element as people would rather look at something
quickly like a short rather than a whole post because there is more time to get distracted. 2
Figure 1: Instagram chart showing how many like an account gets if they post stories
Recommendation #2: Use more hashtags. I have observed that The Chair Barber Shop
Instagram posts seem to have one good branded hashtag and a location-based hashtag, which is a
good way to promote the business. The problem is that The Chair Barber Shop tends to only
have one or two hashtags at random or none at all. To create more visibility and likes for
Instagram posts, the consistent use of hashtags is a good option. Hashtags are an effective tool
for marketing as they can allow your posts to gain more traction and reach your targeted
audience.3 The best way to increase engagement is to use more hashtags, more specifically 11
Hashtags per post.4 Some examples of hashtags you can use are:
General: #barbershop, #haircut
Location-based: #sacbarbershop, #Sacramento
Specific: #menshair, #haircuttuesday, #beardoil
1 See Linda Coles. “Social Media for Business Foolproof Tips to Help You Promote Your Business or Your Brand.”
Accessed April 10, 2023
2 See Ibrahim Kircova, Faith Pinarbasi, Sirin Gizem Kose. “Understanding Ephemeral Social Media Through
Instagram Stories.” ISSN: 2148-2586, accessed April 15, 2023
3 See Cuevas-Molano, Elena, Luis Matosas-Lopez, and Cesar Bernal-Bravo. “Factors Increasing Consumer
Engagement of Branded Content in Instagram.” IEEE Access 9 (2021): 143531–48, 2021, accessed April 19, 2023
4 See Purba, Kristo Radion, David Asirvatham, and Raja Kumar Murugesan. “Analysis and Prediction of Instagram
Users Popularity Using Regression Techniques Based on Metadata, Media and Hashtags Analysis.” Engineering
Letters 28, no. 3 (2020): 812–, accessed April 17, 2023
Mr. Ivory Adcock
April 23, 2023
Figure 2: Instagram posts comparing the use of hashtags.
Recommendation #3: Scheduling posts on Instagram. After reviewing your Instagram, I
noticed that you have not posted since November 18, 2021. Your post before that was on
November 7, 2021, and the post before that is July 28, 2021. You only posted three times over
the course of 4 months. It has been a year and a half since your followers have been updated on
your business. Studies have shown that posting on Instagram consistently and frequently helps to
increase engagement and boost your profile when users search on Instagram. 5 Increasing
engagement helps to connect followers to your business. Instagram has algorithms that track
when the most users are on Instagram at any given day and time. When accounts post on
Wednesdays there is a 2.7% engagement with posts from users. Engagement includes likes,
comments, follows, and direct messages between users.
Figure 2: Your Number of Likes on Certain Days
However, Mondays have the posts where 16.3% of accounts post on Mondays. Scheduling posts
can help increase your engagement without any extra cost to you. As you can see in the bar
5 See Elena Cuevas-Molano, Manuel Sánchez-Cid, and Virginia Gordo-Molina, “Brand strategy and content
management on Instagram: scheduling and message length as factors to improve engagement,” Communication &
Society, December 23, 2021, accessed April 18, 2023
Mr. Ivory Adcock
April 23, 2023
graph, you received the most likes on posts that were posted on Sunday. Overall posting often
and on certain days can help increase your follower amount and increase the number of new
followers you get every week. By automating your posts on Instagram, it takes the stress of
remembering to post away. I recommend posting once a week on Sundays, since it is when you
received the most likes engagement from your current followers. I also recommend scheduling
your posts to make it even easier.
Recommendation #4: Engaging with customers. Here are simple ways to engage customers
through Instagram. First, the barbers try to encourage new customers and like to be loyal to their
business. Before they begin sharing or posting, emphasize a bit about the message and posts that
you want to communicate to your new customers. In this case, Instagram allows barbers to build
visual communication and engage new customers in their small business. Second, barbershops
can create the best gallery of haircuts and receive followers and as well as engaging with
customers. If one of the galleries created more comments and, the barber gets more opportunities
to improve working hours and encourage your followers regularly. This strategy would be more
satisfaction for saving of your time as you check-in or wait in person. So, we can say Instagram
is an excellent platform and the most effective and powerful tool to get new customers. 6 It is a
powerful plan into the marketing tools for businesses with visual content and most businesses on
Instagram have successfully merged outstanding user content into their consumer generated
business plan. Moreover, there are diverse ways a business could engage with their customers
and social media has been proven to be one of the most successful ways to engage with
customers or advertise a product. In addition, since there are many types of social media
6platforms and Instagram has been one of the greatest highlighted business platforms. As we can
see from this recommendation, not only does it inform and advertise but it also attracts customers
by simply publishing and inviting people to the grand opening. Since everyone is welcome to
participate in the grand opening, all invitees are curious to explore the environment and share
their experiences. Hence, these shared experiences are most likely to enlighten the future of the
business depending on the type of services provided and the shared experiences.
Figure 4: Grand Opening Virile Barber & Shop
6 Instagram Content: Engaging with customers, Virile Barber & Shop, Business, Marketing & Advertising. #social
Instagram for Business: Marketing on Instagram | Instagram for Business
Mr. Ivory Adcock
April 23, 2023
Our initial meeting showed that the proprietor of The Chair Barbershop, Ivory Adcock, is
underutilizing his business Instagram account. The first recommendation from the team was for
the client to become more proactive and consistent with the Instagram posting of his business.
Another initial suggestion was to routinize using appropriate hashtags that provide more visibility.
In addition, the team suggested that the client engage the barbershop’s customers through face-toface conversations to inform them of the establishment’s Instagram posts. After that, we advised
Ivory to ask the clients if they could be tagged on those posts and request them to repost the content.
Also, the client should post the barbershop’s prices on Instagram. The team further advised the
proprietor to consider posting stories instead of generic posts. By implementing these suggestions
we believe your business can gain new clientele on Instagram:
• Post on Instagram Stories
• Use more Hashtags
• Scheduling Posts on Instagram
• Engaging with Customers
Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to research this project. It was a pleasure working
with you and learning more about your barber shop business. I hope you find my suggestions
helpful in growing your Instagram and expanding your business and brand. Please reach out to
me via email if I can be of any assistance.
Armaan Mann
Business Communication Student
California State University- Sacramento
Group 9
Mr. Ivory Adcock
April 23, 2023
Figure A1. Comparison of publications versus cumulative engagement rate by days in
percentages (October 1, 2019-October 31, 2021)
Customer Engagement Using
•Student’s Name
•Professor’s Name
•Institution Affiliation
Why Instagram?
• Did you know?
➢ There are over 140 million Instagram users in the
United States.
➢74% of customers use social media to make purchase
➢Instagram is the second most used social media
platform by marketers.
➢79% of marketers use Instagram to promote their
Role of Instagram in Customer
• Brand publication on Instagram stimulates customers’ internal
responses and influences their behavior.
• Internal responses include perceived creativity and emotional
• Positive perceptions and emotions strengthen trust in the
• I am (insert your name), studying marketing at (insert the
name of your school).
Vital Customer Engagement
• The customer engagement techniques depend on the
type of products or services.
• For The Chair Barbershop, recommended strategies
➢Evoke and nurture customer emotions.
➢Incentivize following.
Evoke and Nurture Customer Emotions
• To achieve this goal, the business should:
➢Create interesting posts.
➢Post snapshot aesthetic images and videos.
➢Teach customers about topics related to
➢Ask for feedback and respond to followers.
Incentivize Following
• To achieve this goal, the business should:
➢Show genuine appreciation for its
➢Provide exclusive offers to loyal
customers, e.g., discounts.
➢Run Instagram contests.
➢Humanize the brand by posting the
barbershop’s staff/team.
• Instagram is the second most preferred
social media marketing channel after
• Stimulating customers’ emotions will help
the business attract and maintain followers.
• Parting shot: A customer engagement
strategy with no clear goals is as bad as no

Ahuja, K., Hampshire, F., Harper, A., Morgan, A., & Moulton, J. (2022, September 28). A better way to build a brand:
The community flywheel. McKinsey & Company.
Casaló, L. V., Flavián, C., & Ibáñez-Sánchez, S. (2021). Be creative, my friend! Engaging users on
Instagram by promoting positive emotions. Journal of Business Research, 130, 416-425.
Colliander, J., & Marder, B. (2018). ‘Snap happy’brands: Increasing publicity effectiveness through a
snapshot aesthetic when marketing a brand on Instagram. Computers in Human Behavior, 78, 34-43.
Dixon, S. (2023, February 17). Instagram – statistics & facts. Statista.
Forbes. (2020, December 4). 5 ways to engage consumers on social media. Retrieved from:

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