JCCC Wk 16 The Impact of Media Consumption on People and Society Essay


You completed your final project on your media consumption and now it’s time to share your results with your classmates.
What did you think, did you find it difficult to track everything? Were you surprised at any of the results? Did you produce or consume more?
What was your biggest medium of consumption? If you had to go 24 hours without media, would that be a problem? What would you miss the most, and get specific, not just your phone. 
Share with your classmates what you found out from your media consumption exercise. Did your results align with what you expected? See if your results were similar to your classmates. 
The purpose of this assignment is not to change anyone’s media habits, but promote an awareness of your consumption. Some students have suggested doing it at the beginning of the semester, then again at the end and compare results. Of course, I think our media habits over the past few years may have been somewhat changed by the pandemic and how that has affected our media consumption. Do you think you have incorporated new habits that have changed because of the pandemic?We frequently need to be made aware of how much time we spend consuming
media, even though it has become an essential part of our life. This essay explores my
24-hour media consumption tracking experience, including how much time I spent
engaging with various media types and how I felt. The report also analyzes usage
standards, assesses the relevance of this tracking assignment, and links my experiences
with mixed media to the relevant book chapters.
Use of Media
I used my phone the most during the 24-hour tracking period, followed by
Internet media, TV, and radio. During this time, I had no interactions with any print
medium. I spent 3 hours, 40 minutes on my phone, 3 hours, 10 minutes on the internet,
2 hours, 30 minutes watching TV, and 1 hour, 30 minutes listening to the radio.
I spent the most time on social media sites like Facebook (1 hour, 15 minutes)
and Instagram (45 minutes) regarding online media. In addition, I listened to music for
30 minutes, watched TV episodes and movies online for 45 minutes, and checked my
emails for 10 minutes. I didn’t play video games or listen to any podcasts during this
Media Category
Time Spent
4 hours and 15 minutes
Cell Phone
2 hours and 45 minutes
1 hour and 30 minutes
45 minutes
15 minutes
Putting My Experiences Against the Book
My media usage experiences line up with the book’s related chapters. For
instance, Chapter 7’s discussion of the effects of social media on our lives and my
extensive use of social media are consistent. The chapter emphasizes how compulsive
social media can be, and I noticed that I was frequently checking my notifications and
going through my news feed.
My extensive use of mobile devices and online media is consistent with Chapter
8’s discussion of how technology has altered our interactions. The chapter mentions
how we depend on smartphones for various tasks, including communicating with
friends and family, reading emails, and accessing the internet.
Usage Guidelines
69% of American adults use social media sites, according to a Pew Research
survey on the topic. With 69% of adults using it, Facebook is still the most widely used
platform. Since I utilize Facebook and Instagram, my usage of social media throughout
the tracking period (1 hour and 15 minutes) was comparably modest. It’s essential to
remember that I only measured my usage for 24 hours; if I had done so for a longer
length of time, I might have utilized social media more frequently.
My thoughts on using media:
I generally feel conflicted about using media. On the one hand, media allows us
to keep in touch with loved ones, obtain information, and amuse ourselves. On the other
hand, media can be overpowering and addictive, which can have a detrimental effect
on mental health as well as productivity.
The effect of media on children
I cannot remark on children’s media consumption because I have none. However,
I think limiting children’s media exposure is crucial, particularly in light of the possible
drawbacks of excessive media use.
Mass media formats:
Television, radio, print, web, and film are all examples of mass media. I used
my cell phone and online media the most during the tracking period, followed by TV
and radio. I did not engage with any print media, and I only saw movies online.
Media usage rankings:
I ranked my media consumption in the order of time spent: radio, TV, online
media, and mobile phone. I used Facebook primarily for private purposes, like
amusement, leisure, and keeping in touch with friends and family.
Impact of Tracking Assignment:
The tracking project increased my awareness of my media consumption and
highlighted how much time I devote to online and mobile media—the amount of time
I spend on my phone, particularly on social media apps like Instagram and Twitter,
astonished me. The way my media consumption shifted during the day, with increased
time spent on online media in the evening, was also intriguing.
Due to
the assignment, I had to think about how I felt about utilizing media and how it
affected my daily life. While I like using social media to remain in touch with friends
and family, I know it can be a time-consuming distraction. I noticed that I was more
aware of how much time I spent on my phone and tried to use it less frequently.
I discovered that I relied on my cell phone and online media the most regarding
media consumption. During the 24 hours, I did not engage with any print or broadcast
media, but I periodically read books and listened to podcasts.
Overall, the tracking project helped me better understand how I use media and
how it affects my daily life. It has inspired me to use media more thoughtfully and to
strike a better balance between connecting and being in the present.
Throughout the 24 hours, I watched television for three hours. I viewed news
programs on both cable and network television. The impact of television on our culture
and how it affects our values and beliefs is highlighted in the book. It also talks about
how watching television affects our ability to pay attention and grow our minds. I
concur with the author that watching television can be educational and enjoyable, but
we should be careful what we watch and how it shapes our opinions.
Throughout the 24 hours, I logged on for six hours and thirty minutes. I spent
four hours and thirty minutes of my internet time on social media, primarily Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram. I also watched movies and TV series for an hour and a half and
listened to music and podcasts for a combined total of thirty minutes. The book
discusses how social media affects our social and mental health, covering topics like
addiction, cyberbullying, and false information. I concur with the author that social
media can be a double-edged sword, giving people a place to interact and express
themselves and posing risks and issues we must solve.
Throughout the 24 hours, I listened to the radio for thirty minutes. I used Sirius
XM as well as regular radio stations. In the book, it is discussed how radio can influence
public opinion and advance cultural values. It also emphasizes how music affects our
moods and actions. I think radio may be a great source of information and enjoyment,
but the popularity of digital media has made radio less common.
Mobile phone
I used my phone for four hours and thirty minutes over 24 hours. My phone was
a computer, a phone, and a texting device. The book discusses how smartphones affect
our daily life, including distraction, addiction, and privacy concerns. Although I concur
with the author that smartphones have changed how we communicate and obtain
information, we must be aware of potential drawbacks.
Games on Video
I didn’t play any video games throughout the 24 hours.
Throughout the 24 hours, I read a book for thirty minutes. The impact of print
media on our culture and society is covered in the book, along with topics like
censorship, literacy, and intellectual property. Although I think print media may be an
excellent source of information and pleasure, its popularity has declined as digital
media has grown.
Throughout the 24 hours, I didn’t see any movies at the theater.
Throughout the 24 hours, I watched thirty minutes’ worth of television
Rosen, L.D., Lim, A.F., Felt, J., Carrier, L.M., Cheever, N.A., Lara-Ruiz, J.M.,
Mendoza, J.S., Rokkum, J. (2014). Media and technology use predicts ill-being
among children, preteens and teenagers independent of the negative health
impacts of exercise and eating habits. Computers in Human Behavior, 35, 364375.
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and behavior in the laboratory and life. Journal of Personality and Social
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Pew Research Center. (2021). Social Media Use in 2021. Retrieved from

Social Media Use in 2021

Livingstone, S., & Haddon, L. (2009). EU Kids Online: Final report. LSE, London:
EU Kids Online.
Strasburger, V.C. (2013). Children, Adolescents, and the Media. Sage Publications.

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