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the sections where they address the required elements.
Creative Integration Project
Many people follow one of the many different types of religions and practice its religious
traditions faithfully. All the different religions that exist today exist to answer people’s problem
they are suffering with, a solution to it, and how to bring that particular community together to
give them the answers they are in need of. The religious tradition and religion that I would create
would be based on exercise and overall health of the human body. The religious tradition and
religion that I create identifies that the problem that people are going through is caused by the
obesity epidemic the United States that seems to not be improving. Also, the solution to the
problem that we are facing is to exercise and to feed the body with the nutrients it needs to fight
against the diseases that come with obesity.
In my religious tradition that I create for the religion, I took elements directly from
Buddhism and Yoruba Religion. I took elements from these two religions because they closely
identify what I would want in the religious tradition and religion that I create.
The Sacred
For the religious tradition, there is the sacred, which is about “what matters more than
anything else to” people – “namely, their destiny individually and collectively” (Esposito,
Fasching, and Lewis, 9). What the religious tradition that I created holds sacred is the health of
the body or to just ensure the physical well-being of a person. The health of the body is the most
sacred thing to a person because it decides what their destiny is going to be like. Also, if they can
face whatever life throughs their way that may be physically draining for the body to the point
that it leaves it open or susceptible to any sickness or disease.
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SAMPLE A: This is an A paper. Notice their headings and cohesive theme. Also, I highlighted
the sections where they address the required elements.
Then there is the myth, which is defined as the “symbolic story about the origins and
destiny of human beings and their world” (Esposito, Fasching, and Lewis, 10). The myth of the
religion that I am creating is that symbolic story about its origins is the health of the human body
and that through the goddess Gymnasia we go through a cycle of breakdown in order to become
stronger. What this means is that life is seen as a cycle where we suffer and then repair to rebuild
what was lost in suffering through the rituals. The human body itself is suffering due to what is
put into it and to repair it we discard anything that will not improve its state of physical wellbeing. In the place of the food that you discarded, you put food that will power and fuel the body.
Then you rebuild the body by strengthening it through exercise. By following the rituals, the fog
will be lifted and “the view that the human problem is disconnection” from the body “and that
the solution is to reconnect ourselves to our destinies,” (Prothero, 206). In addition to
reconnecting ourselves, destroying the bad eating habits, that we pick up and it add to our culture
from of the United States, can our bodies be free from the toxins and bring us back to the body’s
original healthy state. In other words, by solving the problem and reconnecting with our bodies,
can one live a happy and long life free from the sufferings of the body.
Scriptures and Beliefs
The scriptures that the religious tradition and the religion I am creating follow are two
books, The Burn, which is for nutrition and providing the body with the right type of power and
fuel. Then there is the second book, that is for rebuilding to repair what was lost, is Sweat It To
Shred It, which takes care of the body’s physical strength. Even though these are scriptures to
follow, do not “be seduced by the authority of any text, tradition, or teacher (even himself), but
to discover for themselves how to live an authentically human life” (Prothero, 181). With the
religious tradition that I am creating there are beliefs and there are five to be exact. The first
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SAMPLE A: This is an A paper. Notice their headings and cohesive theme. Also, I highlighted
the sections where they address the required elements.
belief is that a healthy body is a healthy state of mind, which is to say if your body is healthy
your mind will be clear, and you will know what your destiny will hold. The second belief is that
by worshipping the goddess Gymnasia, she will bring you good will and bring people into your
life to guide you. The third belief is that whey your goal to heal the body starts to show and your
mind clears up, you will go from suffering to being happy because you know what your destiny
is. The fourth belief is that in caring for your body, you must provide it with the necessities for it
to protect itself in your environment. The last belief is that when you do not follow the rituals
after a month without any rational reason then the good will and everything the goddess
Gymnasia gave you will be taken from you. This is of course until you realize your mistake,
which is you are going through suffering again by not following the ritual and worshiping the
Ritual, Community, Morality, Leaders, and Leadership Structure
Like with all religions, within a religious tradition there is a ritual one must follow
faithfully. In it is a ritual that one must follow to gain the benefits, you first have to get eight
hours of sleep to ensure the body has the energy to perform a given task. The step is to hydrate
the body an hour or two before the physical activity because it will aid in bringing it up to the
surface and flushing out the toxins in the body. Next is eating a snack before the physical activity
to give the body extra energy for the muscles that will perform the task. Then we have the step
that is part one of two, which you do before the activity, and that is to stretch out all the muscles
in the body to help prevent an injury from occurring. The next step from there is performing the
physical activity for thirty minutes to an hour. Once that is done part two of stretching to help the
body release anything that is trapped. The last two steps of the ritual are to refuel the body with
carbohydrates and protein to repair the muscles. Finally, the religion celebrates with a festival
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SAMPLE A: This is an A paper. Notice their headings and cohesive theme. Also, I highlighted
the sections where they address the required elements.
called the Fit Expo every January 26-27 with their Fitfam community. Within the community
they provide “athletic facilities to sustain their members from cradle to grave” (Esposito,
Fasching, and Lewis, 474). Morality is the right thing to do and what we hold that is sacred is the
health of the human body, which is doing what is right for it to be strong. By attending the
traditional Fit Expo where you go to participate to test your faith. Also, you go to this festival to
learn more about your body and how fast foods are harmful but to improve their quality of life.
The three leaders of this religion and its traditions are Ruth Snider, Haylie Pomroy, and Sarah
Day. The leadership structure starts with Ruth Snider who is the doctor and then it is Haylie
Pomroy who is the nutritionist that helps you heal from the inside out. Lastly, it is Sarah Day and
she helps with strengthening the body, which she is the gym trainer.
The context where I imagine this religious tradition being practiced are at the house or at
the gym and the name of my religion is called Áskisi, which means exercise. The reason behind
this is because this religion is a response to the obesity epidemic and the diseases that are either
caused by it or come from something similar to it. The issue with the obesity epidemic is that
people want easy to grab food due to their education or job and can easily become a bad habit
since it is very accessible. The religious tradition that I created helps address that the problem
with obesity and the diseases that follow it can take a toll on the body by leaving a small opening
that will eventually grow if not controlled. With this new religion and its traditions, the larger
mission it is invested in advancing is finding new ways to opening and providing healthier food
options and that it is not the enemy.
Áskisi, the religion of exercise, addresses the question of suffering of humanity and
humanity’s ability to truly connect not just with the divine, but with one another. The religion
addresses the question of suffering of humanity in how humanity is suffering in keeping their
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SAMPLE A: This is an A paper. Notice their headings and cohesive theme. Also, I highlighted
the sections where they address the required elements.
body’s healthy and keeping up with body image because “human existence is seen as
unsatisfactory not because there is nothing odd about life but because it is transient and always
ends in…sickness” (Esposito, Fasching, and Lewis, 18). By trying to keep up with the body free
from sickness and having the right body image causes the suffering of humanity. In other words,
the suffering can be reversed through exercising, which is through strengthening of the body.
The connections with the divine and with others is found in the community they become a part of
which is the goddess Gymnasia and Fitfam community. The reformers of the religious tradition
are those who are the next generation doctors, nutritionists, gym trainers, and most importantly
those who lost their way but found it again because they are passionate about the religion. The
critiques that I can imagine that they will raise to the traditions and its community are that it is
okay to make mistakes and that you can take breaks from the ritual, which is what they will also
advocate. What the reformers will promote are listening to the body and to seek the support of
the community because there is strength in numbers.
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SAMPLE A: This is an A paper. Notice their headings and cohesive theme. Also, I highlighted
the sections where they address the required elements.
Work Cited
Esposito, John L. Fashing, Darrell J., and Lewis, Todd T. World Religions Today. Oxford
University Press, 2018.
Prothero, Stephen. God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World.
HarperCollins, 2011.
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